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Divorce is second only to death of a loved one as the most stressful life event. You are not alone. Together we can navigate this difficult chapter of life in a way that leads to healing and peace. A path that prioritizes the health and best interest of all family members.

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Individual Counseling

The dissolution of a marriage evokes a range of intense emotions. Feelings of anger, hurt, frustration, sadness, relief, hope, and fear are normal parts of the grieving process and to be expected. I strive to meet you where you are at with a gentle, kind approach to restore your innate resiliency and self-compassion. Together we will work towards rediscovering yourself and creating the life you want to live.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is an out-of-court legal process designed for spouses who desire to dissolve their marriage in a calm, constructive environment with healthy outcomes for all family members. The well-being of both spouses and children take priority by enlisting multiple family health professionals to guide and advise you. These professionals may include a mediator, mental health counselor, a child psychologist, and a financial planner, depending on the situation. Everyone involved has the same goal of a peaceful process and a fair outcome.

All members of the collaborative team work together to maximize future success for the family after the divorce. Decision making power always lies in the hands of the spouses, who know the needs of their family best. The process ensures confidentiality of personal and financial information by remaining outside the semi-public venue of the courthouse. The collaborative process creates healthier outcomes.

To divorce collaboratively, each person must agree to:

  • Stay out of court.
  • Communicate respectfully and constructively.
  • Exchange of information honestly by both spouses.
  • Prioritize family-friendly and children-friendly outcomes.

In a collaborative divorce, each person gets:

  • Advice and guidance from your collaborative lawyers, a divorce coach and a financial expert.
  • Help from your divorce coach to identify and prioritize the concerns of each person and to create a parenting plan.
  • Help developing good co-parenting communication skills.
  • Organization of financial information and assurance that both parties understand the current financial situation and the effect of decisions made in the process.

Collaborative Facilitator

I am devoted to supporting parents through a child-focused divorce that holds the well being of both spouses and children as the highest priority. The dissolution of a marriage evokes a range of intense emotions. Feelings of anger, hurt, frustration, sadness, relief, hope, and fear are normal parts of the grieving process and to be expected.

You are not alone. In my role as a Collaborative Facilitator (aka Divorce Coach), we will work together in a way that best protects your children. It is no secret that parental conflict, if not kept in check, is arguably the most damaging aspect of divorce for children. I strive to provide you & your spouse with the right tools and support needed to become a healthy co-parenting team, while you begin to live separate lives.

Special time and consideration will be placed on creating a parenting plan that benefits the entire family. The parenting plan will:

  • serve as a blueprint to establish a positive environment for your children to grow.
  • include decision making, timesharing, and other important considerations specific to the needs of your family.
  • serve as a tool to resolve future disputes.

Paying careful attention to these details now will reward parents with the framework for a positive, post-divorce relationship. An environment where children continue to be loved and cared for.


All parents hope to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids. Differences in parenting styles, as well as disagreements over child-related decisions and financial commitments pose challenges even for families under one roof. During and after divorce, these challenges often increase. The need to develop a working co-parenting relationship is crucial. Research has demonstrated that children of divorce can thrive when parents work as a team to put their children first.

Co-Parenting Therapy helps parents:

  • Understand the impact of parent conflict on children
  • Develop a child-focused team approach
  • Build effective communication skills
  • Learn how to avoid conflict and successfully defuse it when it occurs
  • Gain problem-solving and negotiation strategies
  • Implement a parenting plan
  • Create an environment that allows children to love and have access to both parents

Divorce Support Group for Kids

This 8-week support group for children is designed to help kids adjust to changes at home, such as divorce or separation, and covers:

  • Understanding Divorce or Separation
  • Learning About Feelings Brought on by Divorce/Separation
  • Coping Strategies
  • Normalizing Divorce Problems and Changes
  • Traveling Between 2 Homes
  • Exploring What We Can & Can Not Control
  • Thinking Positively About the Past & Future

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